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Lapeer County Probate Court - Decedent's Estates

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Decedents Estates

The Probate Court has jurisdiction over the administration of the estates of deceased persons who own propery in their names at the time of death.  These estates can be probated in the following ways:


Formal Estates

Unsupervised administration of an estate may be conducted using informal or formal proceedings.  While very similar to informal proceedings, probating a decedent's estate using formal proceedings provides the security of a court order deciding issues within the estate.  Select the link for more details regarding Formal Estates.

Informal Estates

Next to using the Small Estates procedures, probating a decedent's estate using informal proceedings is the easiest way to probate an estate.  Some of the features of an informal proceeding are that no court hearings are necessary, a personal representative (sometimes referred to as an executor) is appointed by the court and given authority to probate the estate, and most of the activities involved in probating the state are done without court involvement. Select the link for the details regarding Informal Estate Procedures.

Supervised Administration

Supervised administration of an estate is available in some limited circumstances and provides for close oversight by the court over the probate process.  Only a very small percentage of decedent's estates go through supervised proceedings.  Select the link for more details regarding Supervised Estates.

Small Estates

Michigan law provides a streamlined process for distributing the assets in a decedent's estate if the valance of the state after the payment of the decedent's funeral and burial expenses are $18,000 or less.  The process is quick, inexpensive, and no court hearings are necessary.  Select the link for more details regarding Small Estates.



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