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Lapeer County Health Department (LCHD) is administering the Moderna Vaccine based on priority groups determined by MDHHS and subject to vaccine availability.


Currently vaccine supplies are far less than the demand for them.  We have been overwhelmed with phone calls and do not have the capacity to respond to each one, nor do we have the capacity to maintain a waiting list of thousands of names.  The low supplies are not unique to our county.  As vaccine is available, we will accept additional registrations.


At this time we receive notification once a week of the amount of vaccine our county will be provided the following week.  As we are able to accept additional names on the list, we will open the registration links, usually on Monday morning.  When the slots are filled, the links will be disabled.  If the links are disabled, it is because we already have enough individuals registered to use the current supply.  You can check back the following Monday to see if there are slots available.  Please do not call the office.



When vaccine appointments are available, there will be an Active Link for you to click on.  (It will NOT be there if there are no additional slots available at the time).  WHEN THE LINK IS AVAILABLE, clicking the link will take you to a form to complete.  Incomplete forms may delay your appointment.  All fields, including birthdate, phone, email, etc., are necessary.


You need only register one time.  We WILL work through the entire list.  Your appointment may be 2-4 weeks out.  DO NOT REGISTER EVERY WEEK, as this is slowing the process.  There are thousands trying to register.  It may take you several weeks to submit a form.  You may also check with your healthcare provider or (coming soon) pharmacy. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.






Additional Options:  (Do not go directly to stores.  You MUST register Online.  You cannot just walk in for a shot.  Some may be available in-county. Others may require out of county travel.
Rite Aid Pharmacies:  You must register on line at :

Meijer Pharmacies:




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