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Juvenile Division
The Circuit Court Family Division has jurisdiction over juvenile delinquency proceedings involving children under age 17 charged with a violation of criminal law or ordinance, or with a status offence.  If the juvenile is found responsible for the offences the court may order a juvenile dispositional.  Ranging from probation to committing the juvenile to an out of home placement.

When a juvenile is found responsible for an offence, the Court will usually place the juvenile on formal or informal probation.

Formal Calendar:  All assaultive offenses and felonies are placed on the formal calendar.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled and juveniles will be required to appear with both parents.  The charge(s) will be read and the juvenile will be read the right to council, retained or court appointed or tried by jury, judge or plan to admission of guilt to the charge(s).

After a plea is entered, a disposition hearing will be scheduled, and the assigned court caseworker will complete a field investigation, gathering information on the juvenile, family, school and any prior criminal records.  A report will be submitted to the judge for review and disposition will be entered which may range from probation requirements to short term detention to residential care placement.  Probation fees and costs are ordered for reimbursement by the parents.

Formal Calendar probation hearings are set on Mondays.

Consent Calendar:  Juveniles charged with misdemeanors or non-assaultive crimes and first time offenders, may be considered for the consent calendar probation.  A consent calendar conference will be set in which a discussion of the consent calendar hearing will be set and the court will approve of the consent agreement.  Consent calendar matters are non-public and will be destroyed upon the youth's 17th birthday providing they have not returned to the court for any reason.  Failure to comply with the plan will result in being placed on the formal calendar and the matter set before the judge.  There are various fines and costs assessed for the consent calendar program, which are due at the time for the consent hearing.

Consent Calendar hearings are held on Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m.

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