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Photo Credit: Matt Ervin
Photo Credit: Rita Kelp
Photo Credit: Rita Kelp
Photo Credit: Rita Kelp
Photo Credit: Rita Kelp

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Drain Board Day of Review-Multiple Drains (see Attached)


Day of Review Drain Notices -Multiple Drains (Attached)

Day of Review FAQ

Henry Drain Map

Lassen-Cummings Swamp Map

McDowell Lake Map

Roods Lake & Evans Drain Map

Shoemaker Drain Map

Treadway & Powelson Drain Map


Henry Drain

Lassen-Cummings Swamp Drain

McDowell Lake Drain

Roods Lake & Evans Drain

Shoemaker Drain

Treadway & Powelson Drain






Location Commissioners Chambers at Lower Level County Complex
255 Clay Street
Lapeer, MI