• The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office Uniformed Field Service Division is responsible for patrolling and responding to calls for service within Lapeer County. There are township and village that contract for additional services.

  • Deputies are available 24 hours a day.   Lapeer County Central Dispatch (810-667-0292 non-emergency number or 911 when it is an emergency) dispatches Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies.  

  • This division includes the Special Response Team (SRT) and Dive Team.



Commander Lieutenant Andy Engster   810-245-1383  aengster@lapeercounty.org

Shift Commanders | Supervisors:            On duty number 810-664-1801


Sgt. Craig Miller             810-245-1359   cmiller@lapeercounty.org

Sgt. Harry Lutze            810-245-1441   hlutze@lapeercounty.org

Sgt. Joe Nesbit              810-245-1368   jnesbit@lapeercounty.org

Sgt. Jeremy Herfert       810-245-1333   jherfert@lapeercounty.org

Sgt. Don Brady             810-245-1440   dbrady@lapeercounty.org

Sgt. Matt Blair               810-245-1390   mblair@lapeercounty.org

Sgt. Jason Davis           810-245-1389   jadavis@lapeercounty.org



Contracted Townships (number of Deputies):

Arcadia (1)

Attica (2)

Deerfield (2)

Elba (3)

Imlay (1/2)

Marathon (1)

Mayfield (5 including assigned school liaison officer)

Oregon (3)

Contract Villages (number of Deputies):

Clifford (1/2)

North Branch (2)