Director: Peter Kirley

Counselor: Cheryl Burrough

Counselor: Denise Owen

 COVID-19 Veterans Affairs Closure Notice 12/03/2020 (pdf)


Our Mission:

The Lapeer County Department of Veterans Affairs serves the Veteran Community, including families, with a commitment to excellence. Our Department provides services that ensure access to Federal, state and local benefits due to veterans and their families with dedication and focus toward outcome based results.
We are steadfast in our efforts to assist veterans in experiencing a seamless transition to civilian life, no matter what era they have served.

Our Vision:

Veterans and their families will have utmost confidence in our staff and the services provided and be reassured their county government indeed cares about our Veterans.


Lapeer County Veterans earned their benefits the minute they put on the uniform of the U.S. military. With passion, training, a vast resource network and the unwavering support of the County Commissioners we can provide excellent services to our Veterans and their families.



Call for an appointment at: (810) 667-0256