Established in 1969, the Lapeer County Department of Veterans' Affairs was created to assist local Veterans and their families in obtaining Veterans benefits from local, State, and Federal agencies. The department was also established to assist impoverished Veterans, and for those Veterans who need assistance with the needs of everyday living .


The Department of Veterans' Affairs is the networking center for several of the Veteran organizations within the count y. Our staff members answer (to the best of their ability) questions that the Veteran and/ or family member may have, in addition to referring them to the proper agency for additional support. The Administrative Assistant conveys pertinent information to the Veterans organizations as it relates to upcoming events, legislative issues, or concerns we feel are important to the Veteran and/ or their families. In addition to our own Veteran Service Officers, we also host the services of two other Service Organizations within our office - the (Vietnam Veterans of America) and the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Together these service officers assist Veterans and their families in filing claims, filling out and completing necessary VA forms, reviewing and discussing possible benefits and guiding you through the process. Some of the possible benefits include (but are not limited to): VA Health benefits, service-connected, non-service connected compensation, Veterans, surviving spouse Pensions and/ or their dependent children (if applicable) benefits, VA burial benefits, Home/ Small business applications for Certificates of Eligibility, Educational Benefits and VOCRehab Enrollment.